Join us and donate to
help Chris Scott
Join us and donate to
help Chris Scott
Join us and donate to
help Chris Scott

On July 30th, 2014, Christopher Scott, suffered a catastrophic and life-changing spinal cord injury.

Chris, 27, was working as a skydiving instructor on Long Island, doing a tandem jump with a student, when something went terribly wrong.  A ‘Dust Devil’, which is a small tornado, collapsed the parachute.  Tragically, the student he was jumping with died at the scene.

Chris was airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital and underwent several operations to save his life.  Chris had sustained multiple injuries, the most serious being a broken neck and severe trauma to his spinal cord (complete spinal cord injury). This catastrophic injury has left Chris permanently paralyzed from the shoulders down.

After a month at Stony Brook he was flown to The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, which specializes in medical treatment, research, and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord and brain injuries. It is one of the top facilities in the country.

Chris spent 60 days at Shepherd. He is now living in New York City in the same apartment building as his family.  He made remarkable progress at Shepherd getting off the respirator and strengthening his neck and shoulders.  The process to regain movement will be a longer journey requiring ongoing rehab.

Although Chris's major medical expenses will be covered by insurance, his need for 24/7 continuous care and many other expenses will NOT be covered.  Also NOT covered by insurance are new and advanced treatments that continue to be developed which could help Chris lead a more independent life. 

The Help Chris Scott Trust Fund has been established to help defray these costs. NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL.  In addition, sharing this link far and wide could be extremely powerful. Please, consider sending this link via email, posting on your Facebook page, spreading by word of mouth or in any other way you see fit to help spread Chris’ story and generate donations. Every dollar of every donation supports Chris’s current and life-long needs.


The family wishes to acknowledge the wonderful guidance it has received from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.                                   

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